All Systems Go Tour

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All Systems Go Tour
Tour by Donna Summer
Associated album All Systems Go
Start date 1987
End date 1988
Legs 1
Donna Summer concert chronology

The All Systems Go Tour was a 1987–1988 world tour by singer Donna Summer. The tour was to promote her 1987 release, All Systems Go, and also featured many of her well-known hits. A high point in these shows was her rendition of the Kenny Loggins song "Celebrate Me Home".

Set List

  1. "MacArthur Park"
  2. "Dim All the Lights"
  3. "Love Shock"
  4. "Bad Girls"
  5. "Hot Stuff"
  6. "All Systems Go"
  7. "God Bless the Child"
  8. "Jeremy"
  9. "Amazing Grace"
  10. "Celebrate Me Home"
  11. "On the Radio"
  12. "She Works Hard for the Money"
  13. "Last Dance" (first encore)
  14. "Dinner With Gershwin"
  15. "Impossible Dream" (second encore)