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This article is about the record label. For other uses, see Aware (disambiguation).
Aware Records

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Founder Gregg Latterman
Distributor(s) Republic Records
Genre Pop, rock, folk, alternative
Country of origin U.S.
Location Evanston, Illinois
Official website

Aware Records is an American record label. The label has had success with a range of artists, including John Mayer, Train, Five for Fighting, Mat Kearney, and Guster.


Aware Records was founded in 1993 by Gregg Latterman with the simple intention to find the best unsigned acts in the country and increase their national exposure through a compilation album.<ref name="Aware Records">"Company Info". Aware Records. 2009. Archived from the original on January 22, 2009. Retrieved 2009-01-28. </ref> In the fall of 1995, the label formed the inaugural Aware Tour, utilizing its marketing team to pack venues from Nashville to Boston. The first tour built a strong foundation leading to larger, more aggressive, national tours from 1996 to 1999. In July 1997, Aware entered into an agreement with Columbia Records providing the major label with grassroots artist development, and Aware access to national marketing and distribution.<ref name="Aware Records"/> By 1998, Aware secured national sponsorship from Levi's and Nantucket Nectars. In 1999, Aware embraced the power of the Internet in the music business and secured sponsorships from and Liquid Audio. The 2003 Aware Tour was sponsored by Ice breakers and featured Toad the Wet Sprocket as headliner, with Aware bands Wheat and Bleu as supporting acts. Aware's joint venture with Columbia Records was renewed in the summer of 2002.<ref name="Aware Records"/>

Through Aware's relationship with Columbia Records, they have released full-length albums by artists such as Train, Five for Fighting and John Mayer. Aware's rise in the music industry has also afforded the company many unique opportunities. Aware was the exclusive CD retailer for the H.O.R.D.E. tours from 1995–1998 and Woodstock '99. In the July 2010 Aware's joint venture deal with Columbia expired; Aware has since signed a new deal with Universal Republic.<ref>"News". Aware Records. 2010. Retrieved 2010-07-27. </ref>

In 2000 Aware Records starting Internet radio by CJ Hebb through New England Digital Arts. The agreement was that the radio broadcasts would focus on record label artist and royalties would be paid to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Internet streaming was broadcast for two years reaching 61 countries and 82 top US markets.

Current Aware artists include Mat Kearney.

A-Squared Management

Formed in October 1999, A-Squared Management (or A² Management) is a separate management division whose current clients include, Emily Hearn, Marie Miller, Mat Kearney, and Mayday Parade.<ref name="A² Management">"A² Management". Aware Records. 2010. Retrieved 2010-07-27. </ref>The label currently has just one artist signed (compared to 4–5 at its peak in the early 2000s), while the management division has 4 artists currently under management.

Former management clients include The Fray, Liz Phair, Brandi Carlile, Michelle Branch, Motion City Soundtrack, Jack's Mannequin, This Providence, Brendan Benson, A Rocket to the Moon, and Five For Fighting.


Note: These artists have a current or previous affiliation with Aware Records; however, they may not have released any albums through the label.


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