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Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee in 2007
Background information
Birth name Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez
Born (1977-{{padleft:2|2|0}-03) February 3, 1977 (age 41)
San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • rapper
  • actor
  • record producer
  • Vocals
  • drums
  • piano
Years active 1991–present
Associated acts

Daddy Yankee did more than anyone to establish reggaeton as a marketable music style during the early 21st century. Yankee's success was so phenomenal in the wake of his 2004 mainstream breakthrough, Barrio Fino -- and in particular the international hit single "Gasolina" -- that he transcended cultural boundaries and genre trappings. He became more than just a reggaetoñero, having transformed himself into an international name brand by the time his 2007 follow-up album, El Cartel: The Big Boss, was released. Daddy Yankee's name, image, and music were used to sell soft drinks for Pepsi and footwear for Reebok, as well as a syndicated show for ABC Radio Networks (Daddy Yankee on Fuego) and a feature film for Paramount Pictures (Talento de Barrio). Daddy Yankee indeed had become a business empire, of which the primary asset -- his music -- remained independent from major-label control: he keenly operated his own independent label, El Cartel Records, and chose to partner with labels such as Interscope only for purposes of marketing and distribution. Although the business side of Daddy Yankee threatened to overshadow his music, Barrio Fino stands tall as the definitive reggaeton album of its time. Boasting a pair of fantastic hits, "Gasolina" and "Lo Que Pasó, Pasó," the album was a standard-bearer, influencing a legion of followers and establishing the production duo Luny Tunes as reggaeton's hottest hitmakers. Barrio Fino was also the first reggaeton album to reach number one on the Top Latin Album chart, a position it held for roughly a year while selling over a million copies in the United States alone. One Tough Cop Born Ramón Ayala (aka Raymond) on February 3, 1977, in Río Piedras, the largest district of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee grew up in a musical family. His father was a bongosero (a salsa percussionist), his mother's family included numerous musicians, and he himself sang from an early age, with a knack for improvisation. As Daddy Yankee grew older, he took an interest in Spanish-language hip-hop, especially the socially aware raps of Vico C, and he became increasingly drawn into the street life of his neighborhood, the Villa Kennedy housing project in San Juan. The "Yankee" moniker arose from the Puerto Rican slang for "someone tall, who is big in what he does" (according to a 2005 interview with Billboard magazine). He got into reggaeton just as it was taking shape in the early '90s, when San Juan DJs would spin hip-hop alongside dancehall reggae while vocalists would freestyle over the beats. This convergence of hip-hop, dancehall, and freestyling proved popular in San Juan, most notably at The Noise, a long-running club night that spawned a collective of DJs and rappers. Besides The Noise, the other key proprietor of proto-reggaeton was Playero, a mixtape DJ/producer with whom Daddy Yankee got his start when he debuted as a featured guest on Playero 37 (1992). A few years later, at age 18, Daddy Yankee made his full-length album debut, No Mercy (1995), again working with Playero. Little came of No Mercy, however, and he continued to work the reggaeton underground for the remainder of the '90s. Toward the end the decade, he began performing alongside Nicky Jam as a duo and had one of his songs, "Posición," a collaboration with Alberto Stylee, featured on the 1998 One Tough Cop soundtrack. Los Homerun-es Beginning in 2000, Daddy Yankee furthered his career significantly with independently released albums. El Cartel (2000) and El Cartel, Vol. 2 (2001) came first, each laden with featured guests in mixtape fashion; however, El (2002) was the one that really gave his career the boost it needed to break him outside Puerto Rico. Driven by "Latigazo," a single that found airplay in Miami and New York, El climbed all the way to number 43 on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart despite no major-label backing whatsoever (released instead by VI Music, a Puerto Rican indie). In the wake of this success, Daddy Yankee assembled Los Homerun-es (2003), a Top Ten album comprised of odds and ends, including a newly recorded hit single, "Segurosqui," as well as some old Playero tracks from a decade prior. Reggaeton was on the cusp of breaking big-time at this point; touchstone albums such as Don Omar's The Last Don (2003), Tego Calderón's El Abayarde (2003), and Luny Tunes' Mas Flow (2003) were making significant inroads in Miami and New York, in addition to Puerto Rico, and a wave of lesser albums were also being released. The stage was well set for Daddy Yankee's mainstream breakthrough, Barrio Fino (2004), which was released in July 2004 (by VI Music) and debuted at number one on the Top Latin Albums chart. The first reggaeton album to reach the number one spot, Barrio Fino would dominate the top of the Latin albums chart for roughly a year, lodged there well into 2005. It sold over a million copies in the U.S. alone during its chart reign. Ahora Le Toca al Cangri The long shelf-life of Barrio Fino was partly on account of "Gasolina," a party-oriented single whose appeal was so phenomenal that the song itself became synonymous with reggaeton in the minds of many (and perhaps remains so), especially English speakers who were unacquainted with the music style. The appeal of "Gasolina" was such that it's been compared to "Macarena," another Latin party song that broke through cultural boundaries to become a dance club staple internationally. It took "Gasolina" a while to become a craze, several months after the release of Barrio Fino, in fact, yet by November 2004 it had broken into the Billboard Hot 100 and eventually made it all the way to number 32 a couple months later (a genuine Top 40 hit, albeit a novel one). On the Latin charts, though, "Gasolina" didn't even break the Top Ten, only reaching number 17. Rather, "Lo Que Pasó, Pasó" was the album's big hit on the Latin scene, charting at number two. Barrio Fino spawned a few other singles as well: "Sabor a Melao" (featuring salsa superstar Andy Montañez), "No Me Dejes Solo" (featuring Wisin & Yandel), and "Like You" (an English-language song). The success of the album was such that it catapulted Luny Tunes -- an industrious duo who'd produced half the album, and all the key hits -- to stardom of their own, as they became widely recognized as reggaeton's undisputed go-to hitmakers. The success of the album also drew significant major-label attention. Machete Music, a Universal company specializing in Latin urban, signed a deal with Daddy Yankee to re-release Los Homerun-es in March 2005 (and later Barrio Fino in December 2006). Meanwhile, VI Music cashed in with Ahora le Toca al Cangri (2005), a live CD/DVD recorded in Puerto Rico in 2003. Talento de Barrio In 2005, while the major labels were courting Daddy Yankee, the president of Interscope, Jimmy Iovine, whose roster includes Eminem, 50 Cent, and Dr. Dre, actually flew down to Puerto Rico to discuss business in person. A joint venture resulted between Interscope and Daddy Yankee's own label, El Cartel Records. The first release under this partnership was Barrio Fino en Directo (2005), a CD/DVD comprised of live in-concert and newly recorded material. "Rompe," one of the newly recorded songs, was issued as the lead single and charted even higher than "Gasolina" had, reaching number 24 on the Hot 100. Moreover, it spent 15 weeks atop the Hot Latin Tracks chart. The Interscope deal was only one of many struck by Daddy Yankee at this point. He began lending his name, image, and music to everything from footwear (Reebok) and soft drinks (Pepsi) to automobiles (Citroën) and radio (ABC); he founded his own charity, Corazón Guerrero, to help ex-convicts; and he teamed with CMN (Cardenas Marketing Network, an event marketing and sponsorship agency) to mount an international tour throughout North, Central, and South America. All the while, he worked intermittently on his next album, El Cartel: The Big Boss (2007), a big-budget affair bringing together an ensemble cast of marquee-name collaborators, including pop-rap hitmakers, Akon, and Scott Storch. The buildup to the album was well planned and pervasive, with "Impacto" (and its bilingual remix featuring Fergie) released as the lead single well in advance of the eagerly anticipated June release date. Daddy Yankee then starred in a movie, Talento de Barrio, which broke attendance records in Puerto Rico and helped fuel sales of the film's soundtrack, which Daddy Yankee performed with a host of guests. His 2010 effort Mundial featured less hip-hop and pop, and more Latin flavors, plus the hit single "Descontrol." His sixth album, Prestige, followed in 2011, posting several singles high in the charts, including "Ven Conmigo" and "Lovumba." Imperio Nazza: Justin Quiles Edition In 2012, when El Cartel house producers Musicologo & Menes began issuing a series of collaboration albums titled Imperio Nazza, it was only natural that Yankee would appear at some point; he finally stepped up a year later with the King Daddy Edition, which also featured Divino, Yandel, Farruko, Arcángel, and J Alvarez. The first singles from Yankee's next album arrived in 2015. "Sígueme y Te Sigo" and "Vaivén" were Top Ten Hot Latin Songs hits, followed by 2016's "Shaky Shaky," which reached the mainstream through a social network app and a hypermarket advertisement. The parent album of the three songs, King Daddy II: Elemento DY, was


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Studio Albums

No Mercy (1995)

No Mercy
No Mercy
  1. Intro: Prelude Opus Yankee
  2. Run Come Follow Me
  3. Chica interesada
  4. They Cry
  5. Busca una yale
  6. Oh My God!
  7. Dan de Dan
  8. La soledad (featuring Angel and Mariam)
  9. Conserva tu figura (featuring B.F. Yaviah and Gomy Man)
  10. Shout Outs
  11. Raza unida

El (2002)

El Cangri-com
El Cangri-com
  1. Intro-Cangri
  2. Latigazo
  3. Guayando
  4. Recuerdas
  5. Son Las Doce
  6. Dimelo
  7. Muevete Y Perrea (Nota Mix)
  8. Ella Esta Soltera
  9. Le Gusta A La Mujer
  10. Interlude
  11. No Te Canses 2003
  12. Interlude
  13. El Cangri
  14. Interlude
  15. Enciende
  16. Sigo Al Gare
  17. Brugal Mix
  18. Outro

Los Homerun-es (2003)

Los Homerun-es
Los Homerun-es
  1. Intro
  2. Segurosqui
  3. Música Killa
  4. Gata Gangster
  5. Flow Gangsteril
  6. Mejor Que Tu Ex (Remix)
  7. Donde Mi No Vengas
  8. Estan Locos
  9. Sigan Brincando
  10. Me Quedo
  11. Yamilette
  12. Ya Va Sonando
  13. El Gistro Mix (Interlude)
  14. No Te Canses, El Funeral
  15. Donde Estan Las Giales
  16. Soy Pelon, Muerte Yo Le Doy
  17. Baila Girl, Todo Hombre Llorando Por Ti
  18. Camuflash
  19. Que La Enamoren
  20. Corrupto Oficial
  21. Mix Rap 1
  22. Mix Rap 2
  23. Segurosqui (Remix)
  24. Outro

Barrio fino (2004)

Barrio fino
Barrio fino
  1. Intro
  2. King Daddy
  3. Dale caliente
  4. No me dejes solo (featuring Wisin & Yandel)
  5. Gasolina
  6. Like You
  7. El muro
  8. Lo que pasó, pasó
  9. Tu principe (featuring Zion & Lennox)
  10. Cuéntame
  11. Santifica tus escapularios
  12. Sabor a melao (featuring Andy Montañez)
  13. El empuje
  14. ¿Qué vas a hacer? (featuring May-Be)
  15. Salud y vida
  16. Intermedio "Gavilán"
  17. Corazones
  18. Golpe de estado (featuring Tommy Viera)
  19. 2 mujeres
  20. Saber su nombre
  21. Outro
  22. Sabor a melao (Remix)
  23. Lo que pasó, pasó (Extended)

Barrio fino en directo (2005)

Barrio fino en directo
Barrio fino en directo
  1. En Directo (Skit)
  2. King Daddy
  3. Dale Caliente
  4. El Empuje
  5. Tu Principe
  6. Santifica Tus Escapularios
  7. Corazones
  8. No Me Dejes Solo
  9. Lo Que Pasó, Pasó
  10. Gasolina
  11. Rompe
  12. Machucando
  13. Gangsta Zone
  14. Machete (feat. Paul Wall) (Remix)
  15. Como Dice Que Dijo (Skit)
  16. El Truco
  17. El Caldo (Bonus Track)

El Cartel: The Big Boss (2007)

El Cartel: The Big Boss
El Cartel: The Big Boss
  1. Jefe
  2. En Sus Marcas Listos Fuera! (Edited Version)
  3. Cambio (Edited Version)
  4. Fuera de Control (Edited Version)
  5. Impacto
  6. Ella Me Levantó (Edited Version)
  7. A Lo Clasico
  8. Bring It On
  9. Who's Your Daddy?
  10. El Celular (Edited Version)
  11. Ven Damelo (Edited Version)
  12. Papi Lover (Edited Version)
  13. Que Paso?
  14. Mensaje de Estado
  15. Tension (Edited Version)
  16. Soy Lo Que Soy
  17. Coraza Divina (Edited Version)
  18. Plane to PR
  19. Me Quedaria (Edited Version)
  20. Todos Quieren a Raymond
  21. Impacto (Remix)

Talento De Barrio (2008)

Talento De Barrio
Talento De Barrio
  1. Talento de barrio
  2. Pa-kum-pa!!
  3. Temblor
  4. Pose
  5. Llamado de emergencia
  6. Oasis de fantasía
  7. Salgo pa' la calle (featuring Randy)
  8. ¿Qué Tengo Que Hacer?
  9. Suelta
  10. De la paz y de la guerra
  11. Pasión (featuring Arcángel)
  12. Come y vete
  13. K-dela
  14. Infinito
  15. Somos de calle

Mundial (2010)

  1. El mejor de todos los tiempos
  2. Descontrol
  3. Vida en la noche
  4. La señal
  5. La despedida
  6. Qué es la que hay
  7. Me enteré (featuring Tito El Bambino)
  8. El más duro
  9. Daria
  10. Rumba y candela
  11. Mintiendo con la verdad
  12. Campeo a mi manera
  13. Grito mundial

Prestige (2012)

  1. Perros Salvajes
  2. Miss Show
  3. Pon T Loca
  4. El Amante (featuring J Alvarez))
  5. Pasarela
  6. Po' Encima
  7. La Noche De Los Dos (featuring Natalia Jiménez)
  8. Llegamos A La Disco (featuring De La Ghetto, Ñengo Flow, Arcángel, Farruko, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Alex Kyza and Kendo Kaponi)
  9. Switchea
  10. Limbo
  11. La Calle Moderna
  12. After Party (featuring Featuring De La Ghetto)
  13. La Maquina De Baile
  14. Más Que Un Amigo (featuring Farruko)
  15. Baby (featuring Randy)
  16. Lovumba
  17. Ven Conmigo (featuring Prince Royce)

Other Songs

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  1. Mayor Que Yo
  2. Mírame
  3. Mírame
  4. Agresivo (Remix)
  5. Aprovecha
  6. Aqui Esta Tu Caldo
  7. Bailando Fue
  8. Calentón
  9. Chequea Como Se Siente
  10. Cógela Que Va Sin Jockey
  11. Daddy Yankee (Machucando Remix)
  12. Dale Hasta Abajo
  13. Divino
  14. Donde Hubo Fuego/Pa' Tras, Pa' Lante
  15. Donde Hubo Fuego
  16. Drop It On Me
  17. Déjala Caer
  18. Dónde Es El Party
  19. El Domingo Por La Mañana
  20. El Mas Duro
  21. El Ritmo No Perdona
  22. Escapularios
  23. Estrellita De Madrugada
  24. Fiel Amiga
  25. Freestyle
  26. Friki Frki Tona
  27. Gangsta Zone Remix
  28. Gasolina (Eng And Spa Version)
  29. Gasolina (Remix)
  30. I'm The Boss
  31. Impacto (Remix)
  32. La Fuga
  33. La Gata
  34. La Gitana
  35. La Gritona
  36. La Noche De Los 2
  37. La Noche Esta Buena
  38. La Nueva Y La Ex
  39. La Rompe Carros
  40. Lo Nuestro Se Fue
  41. Los Anormales
  42. Louvumba
  43. Machete Reloaded
  44. Mas Que Un Amigo
  45. Maulla
  46. Me Quedaría
  47. Metele Con Candela
  48. Metele Sazon
  49. Mi Gatita Y Yo
  50. Mia
  51. Mil Problemas
  52. Millonarios
  53. Mis Dias Sin Ti
  54. Muevete Duro
  55. Nada Ha Cambiao'
  56. No Comprende
  57. No Es Culpa Mia
  58. Noche De Entierro (Nuestro Amor)
  59. Nunca Me Quedo Atras
  60. Para Que Bailen
  61. Party De Gangster
  62. Party De Ganters
  63. Pata Boom
  64. Pikete
  65. Po'encima
  66. Por Eso Estoy Pegao
  67. Puerto Rico Te La Dedico
  68. Rompe (English Version)
  69. Rompe (Remix)
  70. Royal Rumble (Se Van)
  71. Saoco
  72. Se Que Te Gusta
  73. Shaky Shaky
  74. Sin Jockey
  75. Solido
  76. Suena Boom
  77. Tempted To Touch(Remix)
  78. Tu Cuerpo En La Cama
  79. Tu Eres Mi Baby
  80. Tu
  81. Un Party De Gangster
  82. Una Respuesta
  83. Vamos A Dejarlo
  84. Vamos Pa' La Disco
  85. Ven Bailalo
  86. Who’s Your Daddy?
  87. Yo No Creo En Socios
  88. Yo Se Que A Ti Te Gusta
  89. Yo Voy
  90. Despacito


Talento de barrio (motion picture soundtrack)2008

Live Album

  1. Ahora le toca al Cangri: Live2004
  2. Barrio fino en directo2005

Appears On

  1. The Piece Maker2000 • Album • Tony Touch
  2. Life2005 • Album • Ricky Martin

@ Pa'l mundo2005 • Album • Wisin & Yandel

  1. [N.O.R.E. y la Familia...Ya Tú Sabe N.O.R.E. y la familia...ya tú sabe]2006 • Album • N.O.R.E.
  2. More Than Friends2013 • Single • Inna
  3. Party Never Ends2013 • Album • Inna
  4. Catch the Throne2014 • Mixtape • Various Artists
  5. Energía2016 • Album • J Balvin
  6. Pirata 3 [remixes]2016 • Album • Various Artists
  7. Despacito2017 • Single • Luis Fonsi
  8. La Ocasión (Remix)2017 • Single • DJ Luian & Mambo Kingz
  9. Best of 2017: Frühlingshits [selector comp]2017 • Album • Various Artists
  10. Boom Boom2017 • Single • RedOne

V/A Compilation

  1. The Dome - Summer 20052005
  2. Reggae Gold 2005
  3. Latin Grammy Nominees 2005: Nominados a los Latin Grammy2005
  4. NOW 622005
  5. Hip Hop en tu idioma Vol. 12005
  6. So Fresh: The Hits of Autumn 2006
  7. Kuduro Reggaeton Hits 2013
  8. Crowd Pleasers 2017
  9. Shut Up Let's Dance2017
  10. Shape of Pop2017
  11. Man Crush Monday 2017
  12. Now That's What I Call Music! 972017
  13. NOW That's What I Call Music, Vol. 642017

Bootleg / Unauthorized

  1. Appears on: 1 Fan a Day2006 • N.O.R.E.
  2. Appears on: The Found Tapes Vol. 22016 • Nas


Year Title Role Note
2004 Vampiros Bimbo Extra
2007 Straight Outta Puerto Rico Himself Documentary
2008 Talento de Barrio Edgar "Dinero" Main role and executive producer
Year Title Role Note
2010 The Bold and the Beautiful Himself Recurring role
2015 Hell's Kitchen Himself Guest diner; Episode: "14 Chefs Compete"

Awards and nominations