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Disruptor Records
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment
Founded September 2014
Founder Adam Alpert (CEO)<ref>Dowling, Marcus. "Adam Alpert on EDM's Role at Sony's Disruptor Records, Bobby Shmurda at Electric Zoo, and More". Complex Music. Retrieved 4 May 2017. </ref>
  • Sony Music Entertainment
Genre Electronic
Country of origin United States
Location New York City, New York
Official website disruptorrecords.com

Disruptor Records is an American record label founded by Adam Alpert in September 2014, as a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment.<ref>Christman, Ed. "Exclusive: Sony Music Forms Disruptor With Chainsmokers Manager". Billboard. Retrieved 4 May 2017. </ref><ref>Lucas (2016-06-10). "The Chainsmokers Reveal How They First Met & Fight Back Against EDM Doomsayers". Your EDM. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref> The label has sold more than 15 million singles worldwide as of 2016.<ref name=":1" />


Alpert founded the label in 2014, alongside his clients' musical group The Chainsmokers, whom he also helped to form by introducing the members, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall in 2012.<ref>Powell, Karlie (2017-03-13). "The Man Behind The Chainsmokers' Incredible Success Spills The Beans". Your EDM. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref>

Vancouver-based producer Vanic signed with the label in 2016.<ref name=":0">Rishty, David (6 January 2016). "VANIC Signs to Disruptor Records & Announces North American Tour: Exclusive". Billboard. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref><ref>Yau, Jeffrey (2016-01-25). "VANIC Signs To Distruptor Records, Announces Road to Coachella Tour". Your EDM. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref> Lost Kings signed with the label later in October.<ref>"Lost Kings Sign With Disruptor Records And Releases 'Phone Down'!". edmjoy.com. 25 October 2016. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref> The Chainsmokers released several chart-topping songs with the label such as "Closer", "Paris" and "Something Just Like This".<ref>McBryde Jr., J.P.R (2017-01-17). "The Chainsmokers - Paris [DISRUPTOR RECORDS]". Dance Rebels. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref>

Alpert said “We care about the artist’s career as a whole and not just about the records. That’s the foundation upon which Disruptor was built.“<ref name=":1">Medved, Matt (11 March 2017). "The Chainsmokers' Manager Adam Alpert Talks Release Strategy & Evolution From DJ Duo to Arena Act". Billboard. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref> In 2014, he signed the joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment CEO Doug Morris, who was replaced by Rob Stringer<ref>"Rob Stringer Promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Sony Music Entertainment". www.prnewswire.com. 18 October 2016. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref><ref>Halperin, Shirley (20 October 2016). "What Does Rob Stringer's Ascension to Sony Music CEO Mean for the Company's Future?". Billboard. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref> and launched Disruptor Records, Disruptor Management and Selector Songs.<ref name=":1" />

The name "Disruptor" as described by Alpert, is about 'shaking things up'. The label would focus on the long-term development of artists through artist-to-fan communication. The artists would be managed by Alpert and their music would be released through Sony.<ref>Marmor, Jacob (September 6, 2014). "Sony, Chainsmokers Manager Forming Disruptor Management". Sony, Chainsmokers Manager Forming Disruptor Management. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref>

In January 2017, Disruptor artists The Chainsmokers, Vanic and Lost Kings performed at a "Lost in Music", a Sony event series.<ref>Bein, Kat (18 January 2017). "The Chainsmokers Teamed With Sony For First 'Lost In Music' VR Festival Experience". Billboard. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref>

Heroless, a producer who remixed Vanic's song "Too Soon" was signed to the label in 2017.<ref name=":2">Meadow, Matthew (2017-03-27). "A Mysterious 17-Year-Old Just Dropped His Debut Release On The Chainsmokers' Label". Your EDM. Retrieved 2017-05-04. </ref>



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