Music From The Edge Of Heaven (1986)

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Music from the Edge of Heaven
Wham - Music From The Edge Of Heaven.jpg
Studio album by Wham!
Released July 1, 1986 (Japan and North America only)
Recorded 1984–1986
Length 45:14
Producer George Michael
Wham! chronology
Make It Big
(1984)Make It Big1984
Music from the Edge of Heaven
The Final
(1986)The Final1986

Music from the Edge of Heaven is the third and final studio album from British pop duo Wham!. It was released on 1 July 1986 by Columbia Records.

The album was only released in Japan and North America; in other territories, The Final was released instead. Both albums are related and have similar tracks, except The Final also contains all of the band's main singles and is more of a greatest hits album, while Music from the Edge of Heaven is commonly regarded as Wham!'s third studio album. Because it was not released in the UK, it was not included in the CD remastering series, though The Final was.

"The Edge of Heaven", "Battlestations", "Wham Rap! '86" and "Where Did Your Heart Go?", according to the liner notes, are newly recorded for the album, with "The Edge of Heaven", "Battlestations" and "Where Did Your Heart Go?" also appearing on The Final; the other half was slightly changed for the collection, with the exception of the Pudding Mix of "Last Christmas":

  • The version of "A Different Corner" featured has an intro that does not appear elsewhere, aside from the song's music video.
  • The version of "I'm Your Man" is slightly edited down from the Stimulation Mix and features a newly-recorded spoken bridge.
  • This marks the only appearance of "Blue" (live in China) on CD.

A box set of the three studio albums by the band entitled Original Album Classics was released on 20 March 2015, including the album.

Track listing

  1. The Edge Of Heaven
  2. Battlestations
  3. I'm Your Man (Extended Version)
  4. Wham Rap '86
  5. A Different Corner
  6. Blue (Armed with Love) (Live)
  7. Where Did Your Heart Go?
  8. Last Christmas