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Russ performing in August, 2017.
Background information
Birth name Russell Vitale

(1992-{{padleft:9|2|0}-26)September 26, 1992
Secaucus, New Jersey, Flag of New Jersey.svg

United States

Atlanta, Georgia, Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg

United States
Years active 2007–Present
Associated acts

During the 2010s, Russ Vitale -- a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer -- emerged from the Atlanta-area underground with dozens of independent singles and albums, all of which were made freely available as downloads. Inspired by 50 Cent and Eminem, as well as the classic rock he absorbed as a youngster, the New Jersey-born Vitale gradually learned to play several instruments, including guitar, which was taught to him by his father. After a short period of enrollment at Kennesaw State, Vitale established Diemon, a collective and label. His prolific output switched between swaggering modern hip-hop anthems and woozy R&B-oriented ballads, with relaxed melodic hooks the common element in both modes. He gradually gained a significant following through word of mouth and exposure from alternative weeklies and major rap publications. In 2015 and 2016, his career really picked up with cuts like "Losin Control," "What They Want," and "Pull the Trigger," which were among his most popular recordings to that point. Russ signed to Columbia Records in 2017, and released his major-label debut, There's Really a Wolf. The album featured the aforementioned singles and debuted in the top ten of the Billboard 200. As the year progressed, Vitale continued to release singles, including "Prosper," "Maybe," and "Lean on You."


Studio Albums

5280-Russ (2012)

  1. The Ceremony-Russ
  2. The King-Russ
  3. AtLAnta-Russ
  4. Walk A Mile-Russ
  5. V.V.V.-Russ
  6. 5280-Russ
  7. World On Fire-Russ (featuring Bugus)
  8. Lost In Lights-Russ (featuring Jalil)
  9. Live Slow or Die Fast-Russ
  10. Set Me Free-Russ
  11. The Pretender-Russ
  12. Flashbacks-Russ
  13. 2012-Russ

Straight From Limbo-Russ (2013)

Straight From Limbo
Straight From Limbo
  1. Straight From Limbo (featuring Bugus))# Straight From Limbo (featuring Bugus)
  2. In The Wind (featuring Jalil)
  3. Area 51
  4. The Italian Job
  5. C4 (featuring Bugus & Dartlin))
  6. Elevator
  7. The One
  8. Corleone
  9. Amazon
  10. Holy Trinity
  11. R.E.M.-Russ
  12. Images-Russ (featuring John Anthony)
  13. Streetlights-Russ (featuring Bugus))
  14. Batcave-Russ
  15. Serenity-Russ
  16. Clouds-Russ
  17. Coup d'Etat-Russ
  18. The Lookout-Russ
  19. Let Me Live-Russ

Color Blind-Russ (2013)

Color Blind
Color Blind
  1. Slow Dancing In Slow Motion In Russia-Russ
  2. Red Flags-Russ
  3. I Think My Girl Caught A Body-Russ
  4. I Don't Know How To Love You-Russ
  5. Adrenaline-Russ
  6. Close Your Blinds-Russ
  7. Room 411-Russ
  8. Find A Home-Russ
  9. Drunk Love-Russ
  10. Paola Pretti-Russ
  11. Why You Fuckin Up So Much?-Russ
  12. Climb On Top-Russ
  13. You Need Something To Live For-Russ

Pink Elephant-Russ (2014)

Pink Elephant
Pink Elephant
  1. Goodbye-Russ
  2. Psycho-Russ
  3. That Feeling-Russ (featuring Emmanuel Davis)
  4. 23-Russ
  5. Walk Thru It-Russ
  6. Devil In Her Heart-Russ
  7. Problem Child-Russ
  8. We Should All Burn Together-Russ

Brain Dead-Russ (2014)

Brain Dead
Brain Dead
  1. There Is No God but You-Russ
  2. Abra-Russ
  3. Murder Me-Russ
  4. Lucy-Russ
  5. The Mirror, Pt. 1-Russ
  6. Tell Me-Russ
  7. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me-Russ
  8. Celebrity-Russ
  9. Problems-Russ
  10. Just Go Up-Russ
  11. The Mirror, Pt. 2-Russ
  12. Purple-Russ

Silence-Russ (2014)

  1. I Can't Lie-Russ
  2. Lately-Russ(featuring Bugus & Musa)
  3. Yellow-Russ
  4. 90s Babies-Russ(featuring BuguS)
  5. -ArmyRuss
  6. Comin Thru-Russ
  7. Connected-Russ
  8. Gypsy-Russ
  9. Keep the Faith-Russ
  10. All My Angels-Russ
  11. Naked-Russ
  12. Paulo Coelho-Russ
  13. Brush Me -Russ(featuring Collie Buddz)
  14. Me-Russ(featuring Chioma)

There's Really a Wolf-Russ (2017)

There's Really a Wolf
There's Really a Wolf
  1. I'm Here-Russ
  2. The Stakeout-Russ
  3. Act Now-Russ
  4. Cherry Hill-Russ
  5. Me You-Russ
  6. Ride Slow-Russ
  7. Don't Lie-Russ
  8. Do It Myself-Russ
  9. I Wanna Go Down With You-Russ
  10. Family & Friends-Russ
  11. What They Want-Russ
  12. Got This-Russ
  13. No Turning Back-Russ
  14. Losin Control-Russ
  15. Scared-Russ
  16. Back to You-Russ
  17. One More Shot-Russ
  18. Emergency-Russ
  19. Pull the Trigger-Russ
  20. MVP-Russ


Velvet 2013

Appears On

  1. Issues2017 • Single • PnB Rock
  2. Catch These Vibes 2017 • Album • PnB Rock

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Result
2017 Woodie Awards] Woodie To Watch Nominated