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Seether Chili Cookoff 2008.JPG
Seether playing live at the DC101 Chili Cookoff in 2008
Background information
Also known as Saron Gas (1999–2002)
Origin Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Years active 1999–present</td></tr>
Past members

See members section</td></tr></table>

Seether is a South African rock band founded in May 1999 in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. The band originally performed under the name Saron Gas until 2002, when they moved to the United States and changed it to Seether to avoid confusion with the deadly chemical known as sarin gas.

Disclaimer is their original album and major label debut. They gained mainstream popularity in 2002 with their US Active Rock number one single "Fine Again", and their success was sustained in 2004 with the single "Broken" which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. They have experienced continued success with number one hits on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart such as "Remedy", "Fake It", "Country Song", "Words as Weapons" and "Let You Down". The band currently consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Shaun Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart, drummer John Humphrey, and touring guitarist Clint Lowery. Seether has undergone several lineup changes since their formation in 1999, with vocalist/guitarist Shaun Morgan remaining constant.


Formation as Saron Gas (1999–2001)

The band first formed in South Africa in 1999 under the name Saron Gas.<ref name="AllMusicBio"></ref> Consisting of frontman vocalist and guitarist Shaun Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart, and drummer John Humphrey, the band released their first album, Fragile, in 2000 under Johannesburg-based independent record label Musketeer Records.<ref name="AllMusicBio"/> Despite the region's focus primarily on pop and indigenous music, the band found success, and eventually caught attention of American record label Wind-Up Records, who signed them to a record deal to begin releasing music in North America.<ref name="AllMusicBio"/> Upon signing to the label, they were told they needed to change their name due to its similarity to sarin gas, and switched their name to Seether.<ref name="AXS1"></ref>

Disclaimer releases (2002-2004)

In 2002, Seether launched their first official album, Disclaimer, which earned the band three singles: "Fine Again", "Driven Under" and "Gasoline", in which only the first managed significant success. The year 2002 was very trendy for Seether. After the release of Disclaimer, the band toured constantly. Near the end of Disclaimer Tour, the band decided to return to the studio to record their second album, a project that had to be delayed by almost a year, since at that time Seether was on world tour with Evanescence. "Fine Again" is also in the video games Madden NFL 2003 and 1080 Avalanche.

Following the release of Disclaimer, the band toured continually in order to increase sales and name recognition. A planned second album was delayed for nearly a year when Seether was selected as the support act for an Evanescence worldwide tour. Seether reworked their acoustic ballad, "Broken", as an electric ballad with guest vocals by Amy Lee of Evanescence. Favourable audience response led the band to record the revised version, with Lee on vocals. The track, along with a new song entitled "Sold Me", was featured on the soundtrack for the 2004 film, The Punisher, and became a major success for the band, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. A romance developed between Lee and Morgan during this time.

Morgan has stated that the reworking of "Broken" was due to the wishes of the record company, rather than those of the band.<ref name=fastloud>"Seether feels the cold on". 18 July 2006. Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> An alternate version of the original album, with many of its songs remixed or rerecorded, was released in late 2004 and entitled Disclaimer II. The alternate version also featured eight extra tracks.

Karma and Effect (2005–2006)

The band's follow-up album, Karma and Effect, was released in 2005. Originally titled Catering to Cowards, the name was changed at the record label's demand.<ref name=vh1>"Seether : Seether Frontman Shaun Morgan Is Very Angry". Archived from the original on 1 September 2009. Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> "Karma and Effect" debuted at number 8 on the US Billboard 200 album charts, and was certified gold in the US and Canada. The album spawned three singles, "Remedy", "Truth" and "The Gift". "Remedy" reached number 1 on the US Mainstream Rock Charts, Seether's first number 1 hit.

Seether released an acoustic CD/DVD set titled One Cold Night, recorded at Grape Street, in Philadelphia, on 22 February 2006. Morgan had been suffering from a stomach ailment, and decided to do an acoustic performance of their set rather than cancel the show. The exclusion of "Needles" and "Burrito" from the album is due to the label's desire that it contain no obscenities.<ref>"Seether". Retrieved 8 May 2014. </ref>

Lead guitarist Patrick Callahan's departure from the band was announced in June 2006.<ref></ref> No reason was given, but he apparently did not enjoy Seether's new material. Shaun Morgan commented:

"Um... relieved a little... actually a lot. He was the guy in the band that was always our naysayer, and he was the negative energy as far as writing. I personally have no love lost, which is weird for some reason 'cause he was my friend for four years. But when he walked out, it kinda walked out with him."<ref name=fastloud/>

Morgan entered a rehabilitation program for what he felt was "dependence on a combination of substances" in August 2006, which forced the band to cancel a tour with Staind and Three Days Grace.<ref name="MTV2007"></ref>

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (2007–2009)

Shaun Morgan, prior to the next album's debut, claimed that it would be more diverse than previous efforts. Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces was slated for an August release that was delayed until 23 October due to the suicide of Morgan's brother, Eugene Welgemoed. The album debuted at number 9 in the Billboard 200 album charts, and sold 57,000 copies in its first week. Its cover artwork featured "Candice the Ghost", and was illustrated by David Ho. The first single, "Fake It", reached the top position of the US Mainstream Rock Charts and Modern Rock Charts, and held that spot for at least 9 weeks on both charts. It became the theme for WWE's No Way Out (2008). "Rise Above This", written for Eugene Welgemoed, was released as a single and reached the No. 1 spot on the Modern Rock Tracks chart and No. 2 on its mainstream counterpart.[clarification needed] The final single from the album was "Breakdown", the video of which was released on 12 November 2008 after a delay from its original 23 October scheduled release date. Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces won Seether's first South African Music Award, in the category "Best Rock: English", as well as their first MTV Africa Music Award for "Best Alternative Artist".

A tour launched in support of the album in early 2008 lasted much of the year. Troy McLawhorn, of Dark New Day, Evanescence, and doubleDrive, was hired as a touring guitarist on 15 February 2008. Bands Seether shared the stage with on the tour included Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Doors Down, Skillet, Red, Papa Roach, Flyleaf, Econoline Crush and Staind. McLawhorn was afterwards made an official member of the band.

"No Shelter" appeared on the NCIS Official TV Soundtrack, released on 10 February 2009, and a version of Wham!'s "Careless Whisper" was made available for purchase as a digital or mobile download. The song was reportedly covered as a joke,<ref>di monaco, lou. "NY Rock Music Examiner exclusive interview w/ vocalist Shaun Morgan of Seether". Retrieved 23 April 2013. </ref> in which the band turned a "Cheesy 80s pop ballad"[citation needed] into a Hard Rock/Metal song in response to Wind-up's request that they record a Valentine's Day song. The music video for "Careless Whisper" premiered on 15 June 2009, and the song is included as an additional track on the reissue of Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.

Seether supported Nickelback on their Dark Horse tour in March and April 2009. Shaun and Dale confirmed in an interview on 2 March 2009 that, after the Nickelback tour, Seether would take the rest of year off to write and record the follow-up to Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.<ref>"Broadcast Yourself". YouTube. Archived from the original on 22 October 2013. Retrieved 19 September 2010. </ref> The band nevertheless gave performances through the remainder of the year, which included a date in Okinawa to play for American troops as part of a USO tour on 23 and 24 May at Camp Schwab, and then in MCAS Iwakuni on 26 May for the US Marines. Seether also made appearances at a number of festivals during the summer, including sets at the Chippewa Valley Music Festival and the Quebec City Festival, before the tour's conclusion at The Big E Festival, West Springfield, MA, on 4 October.

Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray (2010–2013)

The band spent several months recording in Nashville, Tennessee<ref>"Troy McLawhorn of Seether Interview with Backstage Axxess". YouTube. Retrieved 19 September 2010. </ref> with producer Brendan O'Brien,<ref>"Today's Dirt - Hard Drive/Hard Drive XL". Archived from the original on 19 July 2010. Retrieved 19 September 2010. </ref> then resumed touring in April 2010 with the intention of returning to the studio "in the first week of June"[citation needed] to complete the new record. Drummer John Humphrey confirmed in August that recording was completed, and the album was in the mixing process. He said that the band believed this album to be their best work, and that the songs are "very strong, melodic, and heavy at times."<ref>Lee, Cindal (30 August 2010). "Seether's John Humphrey talks about tonight's show at the Fair - Minneapolis / St. Paul Music - Gimme Noise". Archived from the original on 22 September 2010. Retrieved 19 September 2010. </ref> Morgan confirmed the album's completion in September, and gave the expected release date as early 2011.<ref>jdms (3 September 2010). "Free Johnny Dare – Interview: Shaun Morgan – Seether Frontman". Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> A new song, "No Resolution", was debuted on 4 September 2010, during a live show at the DuQuoin, IL State Fair.<ref>"Seether live *NEW SONG* No Resolution, Duquoin". YouTube. Retrieved 19 September 2010. </ref><ref>"Seether Set List". Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> McLawhorn and Humphrey, in a radio interview, announced that the new album would be titled Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray, and that it would be released in May. The album's first single, "Country Song", was released on 8 March in the US and on 4 April in the United Kingdom,<ref>"Country Song: Seether: MP3 Downloads". Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> and the new album was released on 17 May 2011.<ref>"Seether official website". Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> Seether reached their highest position on the US Billboard 200 Charts when Holding On to Strings Better Left to Fray rose to the Number 2 position. It also reached number one on the US Rock Albums, US Alternative Albums and US Hard Rock Album Charts.<ref>"Music Charts, Most Popular Music, Music by Genre & Top Music Charts". Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> Their single-week sales of 61,000 records was their best since Karma and Effect sold 82,000 copies in 2005.<ref>"Music Charts, Most Popular Music, Music by Genre & Top Music Charts". Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> Billboard named Seether the No. 1 Active and No. 1 Heritage Rock Artist of 2011.<ref name="">"Seether Earns #1 Active Rock Song of the Year by Billboard". Retrieved 24 February 2013. </ref> A remix EP of the Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray album, titled Remix EP, was released on 7 February 2012.

Troy McLawhorn's departure from the band and return to Evanescence was announced on 8 March.<ref>"Updated: EX-SEETHER Guitarist Has NOT Rejoined EVANESCENCE - 11 Apr. 2011". Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref><ref>"EVANESCENCE Manager Denies Ex-SEETHER Guitarist Has Rejoined Band". BlabberMouth. </ref> Seether performed live in Cincinnati, Ohio on 10 May, and in South Bend, Indiana on 11 May. Both concerts were recorded, and released as a limited edition CD set for each individual city.<ref>"RockHouse Live Media Productions". Retrieved 17 August 2011. </ref> Seether played main stage on the Uproar Festival alongside bands Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, and Escape The Fate, and supported 3 Doors Down on their European tour from November to March.

On 3 September 2013, the band announced the name of a compilation album, titled Seether: 2002-2013. The album was released on 29 October 2013 as a 2-disc album, featuring some of Seether's greatest hits, unreleased demos, soundtrack songs and 3 all-new tracks, including a cover of Veruca Salt's "Seether" (the song that the band is named after).<ref>"2002-2013 – Album Coming October 29th!". Seether. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> "Seether: 2002-2013" also contains two new recorded songs ("Safe To Say I've Had Enough" & "Weak") and was produced by Brendan O'Brien.<ref name=":0">"Twitter / SeetherOfficial: 3 new tracks so far. Names". 8 July 2013. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> The band released a 15-second demo clip for the song "Safe To Say I've Had Enough" on<ref>"Seether Share Song Snippet From Upcoming Album". Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> The band also carried out a small, semi-acoustic tour of Europe and South Africa.

On 30 November 2013 Seether released a 3-track single "Goodbye Tonight" featuring Van Coke Kartel & Jon Savage. The song is also featured on Deluxe edition of "Isolate and Medicate".<ref>"iTunes - Music - Goodbye Tonight - Single by Seether, Van Coke Kartel & Jon Savage". 30 November 2013. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref>

Isolate and Medicate (2014–2016)

In a Twitter interview, Dale Stewart, the band's bassist, has confirmed that the band are writing songs for their upcoming album. Another confirmation that Seether are currently working on their new album, is a statement from leadsinger Shaun Morgan on the website which came during an AmA (askmeanything) interview, where he stated that band were "In the studio getting ready for our new album..." <ref>"I'm Shaun Morgan, lead singer of Seether. AMA. : Music". 10 December 2013. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref>

On 31 January 2014, the band posted a video on their YouTube channel in which frontman Shaun Morgan stated that the album was well underway and recording should be completed in about a week (as of the video post date).<ref>"Studio Update from Shaun". YouTube. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref>

During a recent Twitter interview, John Humphrey, the band's drummer, stated that the upcoming album is due for a summer release. More details about the new album will be announced in "the next month or so".<ref>"Twitter / SeetherOfficial: @Zach_Taul Info about the new". Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref>

The week of 14 April, Seether put out new song teasers via the app Snapchat, and Instagram. One of the songs is confirmed to be "Words As Weapons," while the other's presumed title is "My Disaster," which was a Snapchat exclusive teaser. Both "Words As Weapons" and "My Disaster" have teasers uploaded to YouTube.<ref>"Seether Sneak Peek". YouTube. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref><ref>"Sneak Peek 2". YouTube. 20 February 2014. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> Later, song clips of "Watch Me Drown",<ref>"Instagram". Instagram. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> "Keep the Dogs at Bay",<ref>"Instagram". Instagram. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> "Save Today"<ref>"Instagram". Instagram. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> and "See You at the Bottom"<ref>"Instagram". Instagram. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> were also revealed through band's official Instagram profile.

On 24 April 2014, it was revealed that the new album, Isolate and Medicate is set to be released on 1 July 2014, with the lead single, "Words as Weapons" slated for release on 1 May 2014.<ref>"New Seether Album Out July 1st, First Single Slated For May 1st -Rock News-101 WRIF - Detroit - Everything That Rocks". 24 April 2014. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref>

On 29 April 2014, Bryan Wickmann, band's longtime guitar tech, Isolate and Medicate cover art creator, and former Art Director of Schecter Guitar Research, was announced as the new touring guitarist.<ref>"Seether | Intro to Brian". YouTube. 29 April 2014. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref><ref>"SEETHER - Refining Their Sound - Screamer Magazine". Screamer Magazine. 29 July 2014. Retrieved 13 August 2014. </ref>

On 17 May 2014, the band performed their premier single, "Words as Weapons," from the album Isolate and Medicate, live at the Orbit Room in front of 1,700 fans.

The band released a music video for the album's second single, "Same Damn Life," on 30 October 2014. The video was directed by Nathan Cox.

On 29 April 2015, frontman Shaun Morgan confirmed in an official Reddit AmA interview that work on an upcoming album would begin in early 2016.

In late May and early June, Seether announced a slew of new European tour dates in September, along with several stops in the UK.

Later, on 30 June, Seether released an interactive set of music videos for their single, "Nobody Praying for Me", which centred on perspective when it comes to discrimination and police. Morgan said of the video that "our goal in creating this video is for people to educate themselves and make an informed decision on their own, rather than being told by any media outlet saying, this is what you should be thinking, this is what is right. The whole point is to try and shift the way we look at things and to not always leap to our pre-conceived conclusions, which is mostly racially and profile-based, because that’s what we get fed all the time. I’ve been guilty of it too. It’s very unfortunate, and it’s getting worse instead of better."[citation needed]

On 7 July, Seether kicked off their summer tour with 3 Doors Down.

Poison the Parish (2016–present)

On 13 September 2016, Seether shared pictures of them recording a new album on social media. Seether announced in November that they were to release their seventh album in May 2017. A countdown timer later started on Seether's website counting down to 23 February 2017.

Morgan appeared on Octane on 22 February to discuss the new record, entitled Poison the Parish. Jose Mangin stated that the new material is looking to be "harder than anything they've done." The album was released through Morgan's label Canine Riot Records.<ref name="altpresslyd" /> Two singles, "Let You Down" and "Betray and Degrade", were released in support of the album.

In May, July and August 2017, the ensemble plans to tour throughout the United States with American hard rock band Letters from the Fire, adding guitarist Clint Lowery (Sevendust, Dark New Day) to the touring lineup.<ref>"Seether Announce 2017 U.S. Tour, Add Clint Lowery Live". Retrieved 5 March 2017. </ref> The band recorded a cover of "Black Honey" by American post-hardcore band Thrice during a live session for SiriusXM in June 2017.

Musical style and influences

Seether is heavily influenced by American grunge groups such as Nirvana<ref name="follow">"Seether | Similar Artists, Influenced By, Followers". AllMusic. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> and Alice in Chains.<ref name="follow"/> Allmusic's Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote "Seether's lead singer/songwriter, Shaun Morgan, is an unabashed, unapologetic worshiper of Kurt Cobain, using Nirvana's sound as a template for Seether."<ref>Stephen Thomas Erlewine (23 October 2007). "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces - Seether | Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards". AllMusic. Retrieved 30 June 2014. </ref> Seether have also been influenced by Deftones<ref name="follow"/> and Nine Inch Nails.<ref name="follow"/>

Awards and nominations

Awards Category Nominated Work Year of Award Result
MTV Africa Music Awards<ref name="">"The MTV Africa Music Awards". Retrieved 24 February 2013. </ref> Best Alternative Artist Seether 2008 Won
MTV Africa Music Awards<ref name=""/> Artist of The Year Seether 2008 Nominated
South African Music Awards Best Rock: English Seether 2008 Won
Billboard charts<ref name=""/> No. 1 Active Rock Artist Seether 2011 Won
Billboard charts<ref name=""/> No. 1 Heritage Rock Artist Seether 2011 Won
Billboard charts<ref name=""/> Active Rock Song of 2011 Country Song 2011 Won
Canadian Hot 100<ref name=""/> Active Rock Song of 2011 Country Song 2011 Won
Mediabase<ref>"Seether’s ‘Country Song’ Is Billboard’s Active Rock Song of the Year". 14 December 2011. Retrieved 24 February 2013. </ref> No. 1 Song of The Year (in terms of airplay) Country Song 2011 Won
Revolver Golden Gods Awards<ref>Kory Grow (2 March 2012). "The 2012 Revolver Golden Gods". Revolver. NewBay Media, LLC. Retrieved 31 May 2012. </ref> Best Live Band Seether 2012 Nominated
Radio Contraband Indie Artist of the Year Seether 2012 Nominated

Band members


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bar:Johan text:"Johan Greyling"
bar:Pat  text:"Pat Callahan"
bar:Troy text:"Troy McLawhorn"
bar:Tyrone text:"Tyrone Morris"
bar:Dale text:"Dale Stewart"
bar:Dave text:"Dave Cohoe"
bar:Nick text:"Nick Oshiro"
bar:John text:"John Humphrey"


bar:Shaun  from:01/01/1999 till:end               color:vocals
bar:Shaun  from:01/01/1999 till:end               color:rguitar width:3
bar:Shaun  from:01/06/1999 till:01/11/2002        color:lguitar width:7
bar:Tyrone from:01/01/1999 till:01/06/1999        color:bass
bar:Johan  from:01/01/1999 till:01/06/1999        color:lguitar
bar:Dave   from:01/01/1999 till:01/06/2002        color:drums
bar:Dave   from:01/01/1999 till:01/06/2002        color:vocals width:3
bar:Dale   from:01/06/1999 till:end               color:bass
bar:Dale   from:01/06/1999 till:end               color:vocals width:3
bar:Nick   from:01/06/2002 till:01/06/2003        color:drums
bar:Pat    from:01/11/2002 till:16/06/2006        color:lguitar
bar:Shaun from:16/06/2006 till:15/02/2008         color:lguitar width:7
bar:John   from:01/06/2003 till:end               color:drums
bar:Troy   from:15/02/2008 till:08/03/2011        color:lguitar
bar:Troy   from:15/02/2008 till:08/03/2011        color:vocals width:3
bar:Shaun from:08/03/2011 till:end                color:lguitar width:7



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