This Is Boston, Not L.A.

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This Is Boston, Not L.A.
Compilation album by various artists
Released May 1982
  • Radiobeat
  • Oak Grove
  • Newbury Sound
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 36:46
Language English
Label Modern Method
  • Michel Bastarache
  • Jimmy Dufour

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This Is Boston, Not L.A. is a hardcore punk compilation released in 1982. It is considered the definitive album from the Boston hardcore scene, as several of its most prominent bands appear on the record, namely, Jerry's Kids, the Proletariat, the Groinoids, the F.U.'s, Gang Green, Decadence, and the Freeze.<ref name="AllMusic-Rvw_TIBNLA"/> For all of them, with the exception of the last one, This Is Boston, Not L.A. was also their debut release. Al Barile's band, SSD were asked to contribute to the compilation, but they refused to participate on it.<ref>Hurchalla, George (Zuo Press, 2005). Going Underground: American Punk 1979–1989. Second ed., 2016. Oakland: PM Press. ISBN 9781629631134. pp. 197–200.</ref>

The album was named after its closing track, the eponymous song by the Freeze:

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According to Clif Hanger, vocalist for the Freeze, the title song was written not to insult Los Angeles scene, but to encourage other Boston acts to find their own unique, local sound rather than emulate other bands from other areas.<ref name="SBMz_ClifHanger_Ivw">Abbene, Jillian (February 2008). "On the record with... Clif Hanger - The Freeze". SugarBuzz Magazine. Retrieved May 20, 2016.</ref><ref name="Noisey_10252016">Carnes, Aaron (October 25, 2016). "The Return of Boston Hardcore Anomaly, The Proletariat" (interview). Noisey. Retrieved October 27, 2016.</ref> However, Boston audiences often took away a different meaning. They assumed the song asserted Boston's superiority to Los Angeles.<ref name="SBMz_ClifHanger_Ivw"/>

The album's front cover features a black-and-white image of a mosh pit, taken by Bostonian punk photographer Phil In Phlash.

This Is Boston, Not L.A. would be followed up a few months later by a six-song complementary record, the Unsafe at Any Speed EP.<ref name=MM014 group=nb>Modern Method #MM 014</ref>


Consisting of only previously unreleased material, This Is Boston, Not L.A. was originally released in May 1982, as LP<ref name=MM012 group=nb>Modern Method #MM 012</ref><ref name="RCWU_TIBNLA_1982LP">This Is Boston, Not L.A., 1982 LP release cover art. Record Collectors of the World Unite. Retrieved February 15, 2016.</ref> and Compact Cassette,<ref name=MM012 group=nb/><ref name="RCWU_TIBNLA_1982MC">This Is Boston, Not L.A., 1982 MC release cover art. Record Collectors of the World Unite. Retrieved February 15, 2016.</ref> on Modern Method Records.<ref name="Varnum, 1982">Varnum, Steve (mid-1982). Title unknown (review about the Proletariat's contribution to the This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation). The Standard-Times.</ref><ref name="AmHCBook_pp185-187">Blush, Steven (2001). American Hardcore: A Tribal History. Second ed., 2010. Port Townsend: Feral House. ISBN 9781932595895. pp. 185-187.</ref> A second vinyl pressing of the album would be released later that same year.<ref>This Is Boston, Not L.A., 1982 LP repressing cover art. Record Collectors of the World Unite. Retrieved February 15, 2016.</ref>

Critical reception

In his review for AllMusic, Alex Henderson said:

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Unsafe at Any Speed EP

Unsafe at Any Speed
File:VA UnsafeAtAnySpeedEP cover.jpeg
EP by various artists
Released Late summer 1982
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 11:48
Language English
Label Modern Method

A few months after the release of This Is Boston, Not L.A.,<ref name=MM012 group=nb/> Modern Method issued a follow-up companion record, the 7-inch EP titled Unsafe at Any Speed,<ref name=MM014 group=nb/><ref name="AmHCBook_pp185-187"/><ref name="RCWU_UnsafeAtAnySpeed_1982EP">Unsafe at Any Speed, 1982 7" EP release cover art. Record Collectors of the World Unite. Retrieved February 16, 2016.</ref> featuring one unreleased song apiece from six of the bands which had appeared on the original compilation.

Also featuring a Phil In Phlash's photograph of a mosh pit, and bold typography, the record's front cover is of a similar design to that on the original album.

The tracks that make up the EP resurfaced in 1995 as the last six songs on the CD re-release of This Is Boston, Not L.A.<ref name=WIC1001-2 group=nb>Wicked Disc #WIC 1001-2</ref><ref name="PunknewsRvw_ThisIsBoston">FuckYouOiOiOi (January 16, 2007). "Various: This Is Boston, Not L.A. (1982)". Punknews. Retrieved February 12, 2016.</ref><ref name="RCWU_TIBNLA_1995CD">This Is Boston, Not L.A., 1995 CD edition cover art. Record Collectors of the World Unite. Retrieved February 15, 2016.</ref><ref name="TIBNLA-Ad">This Is Boston, Not L.A., 1995 CD edition advertisement. Official Website of the Proletariat and Churn. Archived from the original on June 20, 2008.</ref>

Track listing

Side A
1."Selfish"Gang Green1:44
2."Empty Skull"Groinoids1:18
3."Voodoo Economics"The Proletariat2:51
Side B
1."Machine Gun"Jerry's Kids1:17
2."CETA Suckers"The F.U.'s0:57
3."Refrigerator Heaven"The Freeze3:41
Total length:11:48


After the record's release, Boston natives took to mocking the title with T-shirts that proclaimed in large type: "This is L.A. (Lower Allston), not Boston" in reference to Allston, Massachusetts. In the early to mid-1980s, the T-shirt appropriately mimicked the NBA rivalry between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

The Boston-based ska-punk band Big D and the Kids Table printed T-shirts referencing the song and compilation. They featured "L.A" with a strike through it on the front and "This is Boston Not L.A." on the back. South shore pop-punk band A Loss for Words also made shirts that featured a modified version of the Celtics logo and the same saying on the reverse side. This alludes to both the compilation and the Celtics' victory in the 1984 NBA Finals.

In 1994 Zafio Records released the This is Berkeley Not West Bay 4-way split EP with Black Fork, Dead and Gone, Screw 32 and AFI on it. As a response, in 2000 the Amsterdam-based Kangaroo Records label released the compilation EP This is Kangaroo Not Berkely, with 12 bands from different countries playing 'straight forward hardcore. Like the way it SHOULD be.'<ref>This is Kangaroo Not Berkeley 7" Kangaroo Records blog. Retrieved November 29, 2016.</ref>

The compilation was mentioned by the punk rock band NOFX on their song "We Got Two Jealous Agains", featured on their album The War on Errorism, released in 2003. A verse of the lyrics reads: "But when I saw Christ on Parade, and This is Boston, Not LA, I knew you were the one".

In 2012, appeared an unlabeled self-released EP titled This Is Boston and S.J., displaying on its cover art the same photograph and graphic style of the 1982 LP, but instead of it saying "Not L.A.", it's crossed off and says "and S.J.". Hostage and Swamps from Massachusetts share the record with Bad Times Crew, and True Hearted from San Jose, California.<ref>Various artists, This Is Boston and S.J., 2012 CD EP, FLAC and MP3 files release review. Idioteq. Retrieved March 9, 2016.</ref>


In October 1995, This Is Boston, Not L.A. was re-released as a remastered CD<ref name=WIC1001-2 group=nb/><ref name="RCWU_TIBNLA_1995CD"/><ref name="TIBNLA-Ad"/><ref name="AllMusic_TIBNLA_1995CD">This Is Boston, Not L.A., 1995 CD edition. AllMusic. Retrieved July 29, 2016.</ref> on Newbury Comics' in-house record label Wicked Disc,<ref name="TIBNLA-Ad"/><ref name="AllMusic_TIBNLA_1995CD"/> a short-lived follow-up to the demised Modern Method Records.<ref>LeBlanc, Larry. "Industry Profile: Mike Dreese". CelebrityAccess. Retrieved May 20, 2016.</ref> This edition included, as bonus tracks, the entire Unsafe at Any Speed EP.<ref name=MM014 group=nb/><ref name="TIBNLA-Ad"/><ref name="AllMusic_TIBNLA_1995CD"/>

On July 29, 2016, Newbury Comics re-released the album as a limited repressing of 1,500 copies on colored vinyl,<ref name=MM012 group=nb/><ref>Marotta, Michael (July 21, 2016). "Living History: Newbury Comics to re-press iconic 1982 record ‘This Is Boston, Not L.A.’". Vanyaland. Retrieved July 23, 2016. </ref> in four different design variations.<ref>This Is Boston, Not L.A., 2016 LP repressing cover art. Rackspace CDN. Archived from the original on August 18, 2016.</ref>

Track listings

In the original LP from 1982, "Straight Jacket" is spelled "Strait Jacket" on the side A disc label<ref name="RCWU_TIBNLA_1982LP"/> and on the inner sleeve, while "I Don't Know" appears as "I Don't Care" on the back cover and on the side B disc label, and "This Is Boston, Not L.A." is shortened to "Boston not L.A." on the back cover and on the side B disc label. In the Compact Cassette version, also from 1982, "I Don't Know" appears as "I Don't Care", and "This Is Boston, Not L.A." is shortened to "Boston not L.A."<ref name="RCWU_TIBNLA_1982MC"/>

1982 LP and MC release

Side A
1."Straight Jacket"Rick JonesJerry's Kids0:27
2."Uncontrollable"R. JonesJerry's Kids0:50
3."Wired"R. JonesJerry's Kids1:22
4."Desperate"Bob CenciJerry's Kids1:15
5."Pressure"Dave AronsonJerry's Kids1:25
6."I Don't Wanna"CenciJerry's Kids1:25
7."Options"Richard Brown, The ProletariatThe Proletariat2:00
8."Religion Is the Opium of the Masses"Brown, The ProletariatThe Proletariat2:14
9."Allegiance"Frank Michaels, The ProletariatThe Proletariat1:39
10."Angel"Mongoloid, GroinoidsGroinoids1:06
11."Preskool Dropouts"John Sox, Peter CristofonoThe F.U.'s1:32
12."Radio UNIX USA"Steve GrimesThe F.U.'s1:01
13."Green Beret" (version)Robin Moore, Barry SadlerThe F.U.'s1:39
14."Time Is Money"Bob Furapples, GrimesThe F.U.'s0:20
Side B
1."Snob"Chris DohertyGang Green0:26
2."Lie Lie"Doherty, Mike DeanGang Green0:33
3."I Don't Know"DohertyGang Green1:01
4."Rabies"Doherty, DeanGang Green1:26
5."Narrow Mind"DohertyGang Green0:41
6."Kill a Commie"Doherty, DeanGang Green1:07
7."Have Fun"DohertyGang Green0:54
8."Slam"Jonathan AnastasDecadence1:31
9."Broken Bones"C. CroceThe Freeze1:31
10."Idiots at Happy Hour"CroceThe Freeze0:58
11."Now or Never"Rob DeCradle, CroceThe Freeze0:39
12."Sacrifice Not Suicide"CroceThe Freeze1:08
13."It's Only Alcohol"DeCradle, CroceThe Freeze1:24
14."Trouble If You Hide"DeCradle, CroceThe Freeze2:49
15."Time Bomb"CroceThe Freeze1:58
16."This Is Boston, Not L.A."CroceThe Freeze0:25
Total length:36:46

1995 remastered CD edition

Track 36 hides an untitled looped version of the final line of the title song: "This is Boston" is heard once, "fuck L.A." is the loop.



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