Rudy Vallentine summer 1963

On February 8, 2011 I began writing a series of Semi-Biographical vignettes titled “The Chezzy Chronicles: Life of Rudy” utilizing Facebook Notes. The series culminated in 14 chapter with chapter 14 being published in October of 2020. Sadly, Facebook discontinued the Notes feature during the month of October 2020.

The chronicles spanned a period from June 1962 to May of 1967. Some chapters were written of event outside of that time frame.

I have recovered the last 2 chapters and will repost them here. Then I shall endeavor to rewrite the previous 12 chapters here. The events chronicled here occurred between 59 and 54 years ago. Memory being what it is, some poetic license has been taken. Only a literal handful of people remain who can attest (or contest) to the events detailed herein.

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