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The Life of Rudy Chapter 12 And in the end…The Fantasy (Prelude to Nexus)

“And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make”

The Beatles

There she was again!

She had been haunting him for years now. On and off over the years. Most of the time she appeared in an indistinct haze and he could not make out her features. But he could always detect that distinct spicy scent. Gypsy, he thought, It is you isn’t it. No response as always. Still he was comforted by her ghostly presence. 

Rudy had not seen her since that day, those many years ago, when they had parted. She had always been on his mind. He fancied that she had taken up a role as his guardian angel. Like that time he had lost control of his car on an icy road and slammed into a tree.

He knew that she had passed away many years ago. When he was hospitalized for a heart attack scare, he had received a surprise visit from Marie, an old friend of theirs. Rudy had not seen or even thought of her for many years. He wondered how she had located him after all this time. She revealed that she had always had psychic abilities and that she had been visited by Gypsy’s spirit and been tasked with visiting him. She had told her where to find him.

“Rudy, Gypsy wants you to know what became of her.” said Marie “She lost control of her car when she experienced a grand mal seizure. She appeared to me and told me that she wanted you to know she would be watching over you.” That was when she made her first appearance to him.  She stood over his bed and smiled at him. “Querido amor mio” she said, “Beloved I have missed  you so. Know that I will watch over you always.”.

As the years rolled by Rudy lived a normal boring life. Through the years, he was not troubled by visitations. But was often moved by hunches which changed the course of his actions and later proved to have steered him away from dangerous situations. On occasion he awoke in the middle of the night to the strong scent of spices.

A week before his seventy first birthday, he was walking near the Parade Grounds and decided to sit at a park bench he and his old gang had frequently used years ago. He noticed a fated carving of a heart around the initials GP+RV and smiled as he recalled the day he had carved it into the bench. Suddenly she appeared sitting next to him. She said nothing but smiled at him tenderly and traced the carving with her fingers. She then kissed her fingertips and placed them on Rudy’s lips. At which point she just faded away.

On his seventy first birthday, he celebrated with a group of old friends. As the evening wore on, he began to feel like he was having an attack of indigestion. He thanked his friends for the party they had thrown him and departed for home.

After taking some antacid he lay down top watch some television in bed and fell asleep. He awoke to that familiar perfume and found the apparition lying next to him. Much to his surprise, she felt perfectly solid.

He held her close and felt the firmness of her body against his. “Is this the end?” He asked.

“No mi Vida.” She replied, “It is just a new beginning.”


Authors note. This short piece was my first foray into pure fiction. After all these years, the rewrite probably bears no resemblance to the original; However, years later the last two lines served as the opening quote to my attempt at a Novella “Nexus: The Return”.

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